Michael Woodbury, M.D.
Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery
1100 Halle Park#2 Collierville,TN  (901)381-1173
3002 N.Germantown Rd Bartlett,TN
About Dr. Woodbury:
Dr. Michael Woodbury has served the skin healthcare needs of infants, children
and young adults throughout Memphis and the Mid South since 1994.

An experienced dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon and dedicated member of
the  community, Dr. Woodbury is committed to providing comprehensive
evaluation and treatment of dermatologic conditions for children and adults of all
ages. A native Memphian, Dr. Woodbury continues as the third generation of
physicians in his family practicing in the Memphis area.  Dr. Woodbury graduated
from Memphis University School in 1985, Harvard College Cum Laude after only
three years in 1988, with medical training at the University of Chicago Pritzker
School of Medicine, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City and the
Univeristy of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor.

His interest in dermatology includes the full spectrum of basic dermatology

Acne,warts,psoriasis,eczema,fungal nail and skin infections,skin cancer screening,
simple mole and cyst removal.

Dr. Woodbury has extensive experience in the treatment of non-melanoma basal
and squamous cell carcinoma by the gold standard technique for removal by Mohs
microsurgery allowing for the highest cure rates for skin cancer removal while
allowing for micrscopic margin sparing and detection.